Thursday, February 14, 2013

Preppy Beach Color Scheme

There were so many schemes we could have gone with for our little beach wedding. We considered red, white and blue. Or even a play on red, white and blue with Nantucket red and blue & white seersucker. Then we thought about doing the classic sea glass scheme with greens, blues, and white. I even briefly considered going with natural with white and tan. But it didn't take too long to settle on navy, pink, and gold. After we had our initial colors down, I started playing with PowerPoint and Photoshop - creating tablescapes with different design pieces and elements. But as much as I played, I couldn't get it quite right. That's when I realized we needed to add another color.

Every time I imagined my personal bridal style, I pictured myself adorned in gold, pink and aqua/mint jewelry. Something like these babies:

Via Etsy Seller Julianne Blumlo

It seemed only natural to add aqua mint to the mix. So we now have this lovely color scheme:

Ta-da! Colors! I think they're the perfect mix of preppy and beachy.

After the colors were refined, I played around with my growing list of inspiration pics and assembled them into a mood board using PowerPoint:

Clockwise from left to right: Navy & White Chevron, xoxo Cake via Somewhere Splendid, Navy & Pink Nautical Wedding via Green Tree Photography, Ceremony Flags via Carley Rehberg, Holla via Lil Hoot, Flamingos via Joie Lala, Tablescape via Wedding Chicks, Pink Anenome Bouquet via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Look at those flamingos! I love me some flamingos and think they'll be so cute holding signs directing guests to the ceremony and reception!

For the overall scheme, I was going for modern, but still classic. Casual, but still chic. Fun, but not too kitschy. And beachy without screaming "Hey guys! We're at the beach!" It's the Hand in my Pocket of weddings. (Broke, but I'm happy and all that.)

Did you create an inspiration board to hone in on your scheme?

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