Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm So Glad I Got My Nails Done Today!

I was a little suspicious the day that Mr. Rucksack proposed. He had been acting funny for a few days, even spilling out "I know something you don't know!" after having a couple of happy hour drinks one night. So on the morning he suggested we go to a vineyard after work to listen to some music, I had a feeling this might be it. I put on a dress that wouldn't make him too suspicious of my suspicions and even managed to get my nails done on my lunch break!

But then he was late picking me up from work. By 5:45 he was apologizing and I felt like an idiot. Of course he wasn't proposing tonight. How silly of me to get so worked up. By the time he picked me up, it was too late to drive up to the vineyard. "Why don't we just go for happy hour instead?" he asked. I muttered back that I guess that was fine.

I had been thrown completely off the track and didn't even think anything of it when we went to the bar where we first met. It wasn't until he opened the door and I felt his hand start to sweat and shake that I thought something might be up.

And then I saw two of my good friends at the corner of the bar. Followed by another friend sitting next to them. "We just ran into each other!" my best friend tried to explain. But it was too late. I turned to Mr. Rucksack to ask him just what in the hell was going on and saw him down on one knee.

There was no spiel involved, just a simple "I love you. Will you marry me?" And it was perfect. 

And then I responded "I'm so glad I got my nails done today!" What can I say? I was in shock!

I did finally say yes (and also apparently the eff bomb a couple of times - sorry, mom!) and looked around to see so many of our friends and family there to witness our engagement. I felt like I kept looking and seeing more and more people!

I think the bartenders and patrons were just as shocked as I was. This is definitely not something that happens everyday at a tiny local dive bar. 

From there we popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and ordered some food for everyone. (If you're ever in the New Haven area, Rudy's frites with Samurai sauce are where it's at.)
My little cousin, Groomsman Brobot, was also super excited as evidenced by his video game playing.
I tried to keep up with the conversations but I kept getting distracted by my pretty shiny ring and all the excitement and pretty much just kept saying "Oh my gosh! I'm engaged!" over and over again.

Us with Momma and Aunt Rucksack and my little cousin/GM Brobot
A small sample of our wonderful friends that made it out for our engagement! I love them.

Poor Mr. Rucksack had a whole plan worked out for the night before where he was going to sing me a song at karaoke and then propose, but the plan fell through when my ring didn't come on time! He couldn't wait another week for Karaoke Wednesday, so he said as soon as the ring was in his hands, he started calling our friends and my family! While it wasn't what it planned, I think it was just right and I was so happy to have so many wonderful people there to celebrate with us.

Did your fiance have an elaborate engagement plan that had to be changed at the last minute?

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