Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Rest of the Bridal Party Gets Popped

Mr. Rucksack was a little concerned about sending his groomsmen "Will you be my groomsman?" gifts. While he and his friends are actually pretty adorable and regularly send each other snail mail, everything he had seen in the way of popping the question to a dude was just a little over the top.

We settled on a simple card that I designed based on a picture I found by typing "men drinking champagne" on the interwebs. However, we also have a junior groomsmen who is only 9 and we had to come up with an alternate idea for him. Little Cousin Rucksack, or GM Brobot as I'm sure he would prefer, is seriously too cool for words. He's really excited about our wedding and even though we hadn't asked him to be in the bridal party yet, he was already busy picking out bow ties for the occasion.
Seriously, this kid is 9 and already way cooler than I'll ever be.
I decided that presenting him with his very own bow tie would be the perfect way to ask him to be a groomsman in our wedding, so the search began. Luckily, Peter Blair was having a $10 tie sale when I happened to visit. Super score! The deal was so good that we decided to get bow ties for all the boys. They'll have the option to wear them to the wedding or to wear one of their own.
Your Service as a Groomsman is Required. Hoity toity and hilarious.
Mr. Rucksack chose each tie based on each groomsman's personality. GM Brobot's is the goldfish tie, third from the right.

Last, but certainly far from least, we needed good ideas for our adorable kiddos. Mr. Rucksack's best friend and Best Man has the two cutest children who will be our ring bearer and flower girl.

After much searching, I decided on a jewelry box for Flower Girl Rucksack, complete with a flower girl version of the star bracelet:

And a pirate chest for Ring Bearer Rucksack. The box is by Melissa & Dog and came complete with gold coins, a pirate flag, and an eye patch. We added a cute card that asked - "Will you guard the rings - and be our ring bearer?"

 The kids were psyched. Mostly because they both received cool boxes with treasure (and secret compartments). Ring Bearer Ruckus, who's only three, didn't totally understand the concept of walking down the aisle, but we were assured he could be bribed with pizza. Flower Girl Rucksack is really excited to wear a pink dress!

Gifts for the whole fam of VIPs:

How did you pop the question to your bridal party?

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