Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mr. Opinionated Chooses a Gown

Perhaps this is odd, but I actually showed Mr. Rucksack pictures of the gowns I was interested in. He's my best friend and he has impeccable taste, so I didn't think much of it. Plus, he's the one I want to impress on our wedding day so he had better like the dress I choose!

As it turns out, he surprisingly had a lot of opinions about dresses. It helped narrow down my choices a lot because my ideas were all over the place. So let's take a look at some of the choices that were quickly nixed by my opinionated guy.

Grace Gown ia Watters
Part of me wanted a dress with straps or sleeves. I'm rather busty and I live in constant fear of looking like I'm trying to show them off - or worse, having the top come down and actually showing them off! However, Mr. Rucksack did not agree. He thought the sleeves and halters were kind of weird. That knocked off about 1/4 of the dresses on my list.

Blush Style 1104 via JLM Couture
This gorgeous dress has two qualities that Mr. Rucksack disapproves of: lace and a keyhole back. I know. He is insane. I kept showing him this dress in between others hoping maybe he'd changed his mind, but he's too smart for that kind of tomfoolery. In the end, I actually agree that it doesn't fit the mood we're going for, but that didn't stop me from trying on a couple of lacy numbers just to be sure!

Dakota Trumpet Gown via Nicole Miller
This was one we were split on. He prefers a more flowy style (which I informed him is called A-line) but he didn't dislike this, he just hadn't pictured something like this. He also doesn't understand the whole sash thing - something I explained he better get used to because I knew I would want some bling in the form of a bridal belt.

Sweetpea via Ivy and Aster
Theia Style 890022 via Misses Dressy
Then there were these two beauties. I loved loved loved these in the photos, and bonus: so did Mr. Rucksack! To me, they just screamed "Beachy Princess Bride" and I loved that they were traditional, but still had their own funk. (Noticing a trend here?)

While I kept my mind open when dress shopping, it certainly was helpful keeping Mr. Rucksack's wishlist in the back of my mind while trying on dresses.

Did you involve your fiance in picking out the dress?

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