Saturday, February 9, 2013

How do you know?

I knew Mr. Rucksack was the man for me right away, something I thought happened only in movies. I hated when people would tell me "When you know, you just know." My response to this kind of nonsense was typically an eye roll and a chuckle. Then it happened to me and all I could say was "Ohhh, now I get it!" It was like something suddenly clicked when I met Mr. Rucksack .

After about a month of dating, he told me he loved me. He had been drinking at the bar I waitress part-time at, while waiting for me to get off of work. The bartenders that night had been particularly generous to him and he was feeling good. After he said those three words, I immediately told him to take it back. I loved him too, but there was no way I was saying it back after he had been drinking.

"Fine. I take it back," he told me. Then in true Mr. Rucksack form he turned back to me and said, "But I don't really take it back. Because I looooove you."

When he said it again a week later, I told him I loved him too. And then the next morning he pretended he didn't remember because we had finished a bottle of wine together the night before! Thanks a lot, Mr. Rucksack! This story still cracks him up every time we tell it. He's his own biggest fan, I swear.

Within a few months we were buying a house and planning our lives together, and the fun just hasn't stopped.

Did I mention our biggest difference and premise for our make-believe future sitcom?

That's right. This liberal feminist is marrying a republican.

It's really not a very big deal at all anymore, but when we were first dating I would find myself whispering to my friends, "Yeah, he's amazing...but he's a republican." For the girl that had just finished an internship with a Gloria Steinam organization, it was a very big deal.

And Mr. Rucksack is not just any Republican. After our second date (ok, it was our first, but don't tell my mom), Mr. Rucksack slyly invited me over to his place for a glass of wine. As I sat down on his couch I took a look around and saw from left to right: A George W. Bush bobble head, a framed poster of Nixon, a framed poster of Reagan, an American flag, and a Don't Tread on Me flag. This is really not something you see in Connecticut very often. (He often says that he feels like a Unicorn in Connecticut)

It took a little adjusting, but we actually agree on most issues. We also help each other to view issues from another side. I've learned a lot by dating this guy that owns elephant embroidered pants! (No really. He actually does have a pair of obnoxiously awesome pants with elephants on them)

Party Animals Pants via Bonobos
Aside from our Dharma and Greg like differences, we're your average couple.We're both major foodies, we love wine, we constantly quote Parks & Rec and Always Sunny, and we sing to each other all the time. Sometimes we sing for real, like when he dances me around the living room and sings "Be My Baby," but most of the time we make up ridiculous songs about our mundane life - the dog, eating breakfast, showering.... BM Penny lived with us for a month and I'm sure we drove her crazy as we pretended we lived in a musical.

So you know, pretty much just like Dharma and Greg without all the yoga.

Via Starpulse

Do you and your fiance have any differences that you put aside in the name of love?

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