Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silk and Organza and Tulle, Oh My! (Part 2 - or the one where I actually do find a dress!)

Day two of shopping felt much more relaxed from the beginning. I had learned a couple of things from my first day of dress shopping. Namely, that I wasn't going to spend $4,500 on a dress. Also, that it didn't really matter what I wore to my appointment because I was going to get naked anyway. This time I nixed the leggings, but opted for full bottom underwear. I also wore a full bra with hopes that the bridal store would provide a long line bra for me. (They did.) Lastly, I did my hair better than the previous day. While I had blown my hair straight the day before, I opted to curl my hair and style it similar to how I'd want to wear it for the wedding - half up with loose curls along the lines of this:

Dianna Agron via Fine Art America
It totally helped me visualize the whole look together, especially once we added accessories and the veil.

We went to The White Dress by the Shore to see one dress in particular: Ivy and Aster's Sweet Pea.

Sweetpea via Ivy and Aster
Sweet, isn't she? Similar to the day prior, I naively assumed I would be done when I tried her one. Nope. Turns out, the style just doesn't work on my figure. I ended up looking less Beach Princess and more Beached Whale. Not exactly what I was going for. We put her aside and tried on a slew of other dresses. Seriously, there were so many perfect dresses that within two minutes we had picked out 10! We were politely told by our Consultant, Ennike, that maybe it was time to start whittling down our choices by trying some on.

After trying all 10 dresses on, we narrowed it down to 3 very unique dresses.

1. Jenny Yoo Riley. This really reminded me of the dress I loved in Westport at a fraction of the cost. It was the first I tried on at The White Dress by the Shore and immediately went into the "yes" pile.

Via Flair Bridesmaid
2. Anne Barge LF161. I loved the preppiness of this dress and the pockets! I also liked that the fullness of the skirt was more what I had envisioned in my gown.

Via Wedding Inspirasi
3. Anne Barge LF214. This dress fit like a glove and had the coolest details. I just loved the ruffles!

Via Fashionable Bride
After trying them on again with accessories, I got even closer to a decision and narrowed it down to two. My mom and aunt were no help at all as they sat there with a smirk saying "We know which one - but you need to decide for yourself."

I asked to be put back into the first dress and came back out with a huge smile. "This is it!" I exclaimed and then quickly turned back to them for approval. "This is the one, right?"

They said they knew right away because every time I put it on I started dancing. Everybody hugged and teared up a little and Ennike went and got us champagne to celebrate. She even let me stay in mt dress while she filled out paperwork so that I could be smiley and happy and champagney in my dress a little longer.

Do you all know which one I picked?

It's..........................Dress Number 1!

Via Flair Bridesmaid
As soon as I put her on the first time I said "I could go home with this dress right now and be happy." Of course, that didn't stop me from making Ennike put me in all 9 other dresses multiple times, something I apologized for as soon as I officially said yes to the dress!

Looking back at pictures from the day, I'm even more sure about my decision. While the other two dresses looked amazing in person, they photographed kind of weird.

All of the lines and ruffles came out strange in pictures and if the lines weren't perfect I ended up looking lopsided. I love the simplicity of my dress and the fact that I can dress it up with accessories! It's modern and timeless at the same time - exactly the look I was going for! It even looks like one of my inspiration pics that Mr. Rucksack and I (sort of) agreed on!

Dakota Trumpet Gown via Nicole Miller
I promised my mom I wouldn't put up a picture of me in the dress, but I never said anything about showing off my excited face!
Oh and I guess a little sneak peek of the top won't hurt either....
The dress is not at all what I originally thought I wanted, so I'm really glad Auntie Rucksack pushed me toward those curve hugging dresses. I'm thrilled with my choice and even happier that I stayed under budget! (Seriously, you guys. The dress ended up being a SAMPLE so when I say under budget, I mean way under budget!)

Did you end up with a dress that was completely different than your original inspiration too?

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