Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: You'll all have flowers!

The morning of the wedding really got away from me. By the time the late girls showed up and we were all painted and hair sprayed, we didn't have as much time as I had hoped. I also made a small mistake that took away a bit of precious time. You see, originally I hadn't planned on giving the girls bouquets to carry (it seemed like a waste of money and I knew that I wouldn't miss them if I was a bridesmaid.) So as we were getting ready to pick up some lunch, I double checked to make sure everyone was still cool with that plan.

Here's a dramatization of how it went down:

Miss. R: "Hey, guys - you're all okay without flowers, right? Because I have a couple of extra arrangements and I can whip something up if you really want them."

BM Goody: "I'm fine."

BM F: "Don't worry about it!"

MOH Tessa: "I don't need them."

BM Penny: "Well, I wouldn't mind flowers...."

It was like a record scratch.

And rather than just saying "Oh well actually I'd rather spend some quality time with you girls and grab some cool photo ops," crazy bride me was all "Ohhh, you want flowers?? THEN YOU SHALL ALL HAVE FLOWERS!" 

And that is how just a few hours before the wedding, I proceeded to arrange 6 mini bouquets for all the girls. Like a crazy person in the bathroom of my hotel room.

"You'll all have chins!"
It was insanity and another lesson learned: If you don't want to do something, don't offer. And if you'd rather do something else with your time, then do. I seriously don't know what was going through my head other than "I am Bride. Must. Make. Flowers." So I put all of my nervous energy into last minute crafting.

It only took about an hour of time, along with BM Goody's and BM Cupcakes help, but after seeing how much fun Mr. Rucksack had with his guys, I kind of wish I had spent that hour just hanging out and saying "Eff it" to the flowers.

A short moment of calm in between primping, flower arranging and dressing
In the end, it's just another funny story. "Remember the time I made 6 bridesmaids bouquets while sitting on the toilet just a few hours before the wedding?" I mean, who does that?

Plus I get to truly take credit for the awesomeness of these:

Did you lose your mind a little the morning of your wedding?

(All photos by Abigail Scott)

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