Monday, October 7, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: Gratuitous Bridal Party Photos & A Runaway Bride

Before our guests arrived, the bridal party took over the beach at the Surf Club for some quick bridal party portraits. There wasn't much time, but we managed to get some quality photos of our good looking bunch.

I was also really happy we were able to get in some sassy photos of the girls. 

Before I knew it, guests were starting to arrive and I was forced to go hide out inside. I only escaped once when we noticed that some of the bridesmaids bouquets were starting to go limp. I scouted out the surrounding area outside our venue and noticed a garden across the street. Much to the horror of my bridesmaids (and to the glee of strangers having picnics near our venue) I escaped out the front door and sprinted to the garden. One of the highlights of my day was hearing strangers cheering and yelling out "It's a runaway bride!" as I bolted out the door.
Thanks for the stolen flowers, Madison Surf Club! (Image by BM Veronica)
I seriously could not stand still while we waited for the ceremony to begin, so escaping for a hot second and giving myself another job was much needed. Without my last minute "chores" I honestly might have exploded from excitement!

(All photos by Abigail Scott unless otherwise noted) 

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