Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: I look like a bride!

After what seemed like no time at all, it was suddenly time to get dressed and get ready for my first look with Mr. Rucksack!

First things first, I put on all that cute bridal underwear I had purchased.

Including a little surprise for Mr. Rucksack - a Patriots garter for the garter toss. (Go Pats!)

Then, with the help of MOH Tessa, I shimmied into my dress and had her zip me up. It was probably the world's easiest dress to get into.
Taking a deep breathe! I was starting to look like a real bride!

I really wish I had one of those great "Everybody look at the bride and say awww" photos, but we didn't do that. Instead, here is their real reaction complete with ridiculously messy hotel room. We keep it real.
They still look like they love me, don't they?

With a few minutes left to spare before Mr. Rucksack showed up, I got in some quick photos with my girls, all while I stayed seated like a queen.

Momma Rucksack got in on the action too and Abbey captured the moment perfectly! I just adore this photo of my proud mommy and her baby.

After a quick celebratory and nerve-calming drink (why yes, I am drinking straight out of the bottle) it was go time!

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