Monday, October 7, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: Ring Bearer Down

I always knew our ceremony wouldn't start on time. We're a family of late people, and so with an invitation time of 5:30pm I planned to walk out sometime around 5:45. I'm not sure exactly what time we actually started, but I do know that when I peaked outside at 5:30, only half of our guests had arrived. 
Photo by Auntie K
Eventually everyone arrived and the guys started their walk to the altar while "I Will" by the Beatles played.

Photo by: Heather Liberman Photography

Mr. Rucksack's parents followed.

As the music changed to Bruno Mars' "Marry You," my bridesmaids began their trek down the aisle. 
Our flower girl is quite the ham. She practiced her flower girl walk so hard in the months before the wedding and you can tell with that look of concentration!

 Our ring bearer, Ruckus, didn't quite make it down the aisle though!

 Upon reaching the sand, he decided he'd rather sit down and play!

Luckily, his dad - Mr. Rucksack's Best Man - was able to carry him the rest of the way!

We knew it would be a fifty-fifty chance of him making it down the aisle so we weren't too surprised! It also had me cracking up before the ceremony started, so I'm thankful for Ruckus setting the mood.

Did you have any unwilling participants in your wedding party?

(All photos by Abigail Scott unless otherwise noted)

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