Monday, September 30, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: The Guys do Whatever it is that Guys do

Guys have it so easy, don't they? While us girls were getting primed, primped and pinned the boys got to sleep in and were spending a leisurely afternoon drinking beer and playing catch outside.

Oh and I guess they did have to shower and tie some bow ties.

As part of his "Will you be my groomsman?" gifts, Mr. Rucksack included a tie for each guy. We told them they could either wear the tie we picked, or they could wear a festive patterned bow tie of their choice. It was really cool to see what each guy wore and they looked so great together!

When Abbey told me that her assistant, Veronica, was going to head over to our house to get pictures of the guys, all I could say was "Please warn her that they are crazy!" Luckily, the boys behaved themselves and it looks like they had a great time.

 I think that GM Brobot's presence helped to calm things down as well, even though this happened:

9 years old and already so Frat. (Oh and it's only root beer!)
 Since the guys had some time to kill, they decided to walk to a great little seafood shack near our house - and of course decided to walk it Abbey Road style.

Since I obviously wasn't there, I asked Mr. R to explain the morning in his words: "The day started off exactly how I wanted it to - time bro-ing out with my best friends before I got to marry the woman of my dreams and celebrate with our family and friends."

So there you have it! 

Will/Did your fiance "bro out" before the wedding?

(All photos by Abigail Scott )

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