Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: Gettin' Purdy

After spending the morning chilling out and running some errands, my hair & make-up crew showed up at 9:45 for our 10am start time. Tricia was my first booked vendor because way back when Mr. Rucksack and I got engaged, she offered to gift me my hair & make-up - and offered a great discount for my girls! Tricia is the sister of my ex-boyfriend from college (Luckily the ex and I didn't end on terrible terms, otherwise I could have very well ended up looking like a clown) and I was actually a bridesmaid in her wedding a few years back!
Tricia & me the morning of her wedding, and 6 years later the morning of mine! (Left: Mike Ross; Right: Abigail Scott)
So, remember how I mentioned that Tricia and Melissa showed up nice and early for getting ready time? Well, unfortunately the bridesmaids did not. Two of them were only 15-30 minutes late, but 2 were nearly two hours late. So here's a lesson for you engaged girls out there - if your bridesmaid is typically late for everything, don't expect her to be on time for your wedding. I was annoyed for about 5 seconds, but in the end it wasn't a huge deal. We just pushed my time forward (I was supposed to be prettied last) and then shoved the late girls into chairs as soon as they arrived. 

Here's where I get to admit another fun fact from this crazy bride: I didn't have a hair & make-up trial. I figured that since what I wanted was pretty straightforward, I wouldn't have too much of an issue. I also just didn't have the time. Between two jobs, planning a wedding, and general life it was really hard to take a few hours out of my schedule for a trial, so I just...didn't.

Mr. Rucksack requested that I wear my hair half up, and as for make-up I wanted to look like me, only more. (Spoken like every beach bride in the history of ever.)

Inspiration on the left and reality on the right:
Left: Dianna Agron via Fine Art America; Right: Abigail Scott
After I told Melissa I'd love a braid or twist in the back, she came up with this really cool nautical braid. It's so different & beachy and I think it really added a fun, unexpected element to my hair.

Of course, I also loved my makeup. In order to stay true to my usual look, some of the makeup is actually my own. From my collection we used Sephora bronzer in Los Cabos, Nars Orgasm blush, Foxy & Half Baked shadows from Urban Decay's Naked 2 pallet, and the lip goodies I purchased for the occasion: Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Satin Coral topped with Nars Super Orgasm lipgloss. The concealer, airbrush foundation (magic!), eyeliner, mascara and falsies belonged to Tricia.
Finishing Touches!
Pretty ladies!
Would you or did you skip a hair & makeup trial, or am I just crazy ballsy?

(All photos by Abigail Scott unless otherwise noted)

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