Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Rucksack Honeymoon Adventure: The Whirlwind Tour Part 2

After a wonderful first half of our trip, things just kept getting better as we continued our sail on the Panorma. 

Stop 4: Korcula, Croatia
After a fun morning swim stop and deck barbecue (complete with ouzo, lamb, and grilled octopus), we sailed to Korcula for an afternoon visit. 
This is where we learned that the “siesta” is a very real thing. Most places we wanted to visit (wine bars, obviously) were closed from 3-6pm. We still loved the town, though. Especially since it was much less expensive and less crowded than Dubrovnik. 
Finally open, the bar is overtaken with young Americans with a thirst for wine
Stop 5: Bar, Montenegro
Similar to our stop in Albania, we chose to go on the optional excursion in Bar because the port itself was so small. We began with a visit to an olive oil factory, although the term factory is pretty loose. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, the majority of Montenegro’s factories were closed. The outdated machinery was purchased by families and now production is done in smaller batches in what are basically basement factories. 

Basement or not, the olive oil was delicious!

We then went to view the old town ruins:

Followed by a Turkish Coffee break:

Stop 6: Paxos Island, Greece
Oh, Paxos! This island was like true paradise. After another swim stop (seriously, my favorite parts of the days), we arrived in Paxos in the evening. We made plans with the Jetsetters to meet for dinner, but the restaurant we had chosen was closed for a private event. We decided to walk off the beaten path and by a stroke of luck ended up in the most idyllic open air restaurant. 
It was definitely the most relaxing of the stops, and the perfect way to end a wonderful week on the Panorama.

Stop 7: Corfu, Greece
After a full week of exploration, Mr. Rucksack and I were ready to relax. After saying our goodbyes on the ship, we traveled to the opposite side of the island to The Marbella Beach Hotel. When we unlocked the door to our room, I was certain there had been a mistake. We had the best room in the resort, complete with a huge private balcony and a jacuzzi! 
Seriously guys, our room was HUGE. And look at the jacuzzi! BALLER
The view from our room way up high.
Bubbles + Bubbles
We basically spent the next two days eating, drinking, and getting pruney in the saltwater infinity pool and in our private jacuzzi. It was the complete opposite of the first part of our honeymoon and it was the perfect way to come down from all of that sightseeing. 
Most of my time in the pool was spent harassing Mr. Rucksack and making him watch my awesome handstand skillz
Lest you think that all I did was lounge about, I did also manage to fit in some water aerobics
One teeny tiny portion of the buffet. I managed to consume a lot of food.
Lamb and Ouzo!
Two Rucksacks in Love
And then much too fast, the honeymoon was over and we were on our way back home. But not without some layovers in Hamburg and London. Here's where I have to give a big shout-out to British Airways who saved the day when we missed our connecting flight in London. They got us out only an hour later with an upgrade!  (Proof that it does pay to mention "But it's our honeymoon!)

Heathrow Souvenir: My new Paddington Bear
The secret to a good night's sleep on the airplane? Two mini bottles of wine, noise cancelling headphones, & Dramamine!
And now we're back home, adjusting to the real world as a newly married couple. I can't believe it's already been a month since we tied the knot!

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