Friday, September 13, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: The Day Before We Said "I Do"

The day before our wedding was pretty hectic. I had planned to be a laid back bride thinking I had little to do before our rehearsal, but boy was I wrong. Of course, this was completely my fault as I had spent the previous day lounging around the backyard working on my tan rather than finishing my ceremony decorations.

FMIL declared it "pamper the bride" week and I happily obliged!
The morning of the rehearsal, I woke up early to head to the nail salon with Momma & Auntie Rucksack, MOH Tessa, FMIL Rucksack & Mr. Rucksack's Aunt Chris.
Thank goodness I had coffee courtesy of FMIL Rucksack!
It was so nice to be pampered and also greeted like a queen as I sat in my massage chair throne!

At this point, I was feeling great. I was caffeinated, nail painted, and massaged. What could be better?

And then I had a moment of panic. There was still SO much to get done by our 6pm rehearsal time! I'm so thankful for my family because they immediately jumped to help the moment I began to melt down. Auntie Rucksack ran to the store to buy me ring cleaning solution and blank DVDs. Momma Rucksack took me tanning. And when we all convened back at home, everyone chipped in to finish projects. I had FMIL Rucksack fabric-gluing ceremony flags, Momma Rucksack finishing our reserved signs, and Mr. Rucksack & GM Brobot helped with all of the boxes we had to give to our DOC.
Type A Bride provides a contents list on top of every box while The Beez rolls her eyes
Mr. Rucksack and GM Brobot lift heavy things
After playing like Santa Claus and checking our lists not once but twice, Mr. Rucksack and I headed out to pick up our wedding cakes and flowers. This is the part that everyone said we were crazy for doing, but honestly was one of the best parts of the day. It was the first alone time we'd had in days and we knew it would be the last until the wedding was over. That hour we spent in traffic was so special to us as we gabbed excitedly about what was to come.

My amazing Whole Foods florist, Frankie
After picking up the cakes and flowers, we hurried home in subzero air conditioning so that the cakes wouldn't melt and the flowers wouldn't die and by the time we arrived back home it was already 4:30pm. We still had to get dressed, pack the car, check into our hotel and make it to our rehearsal by 6pm! We very quickly changed clothes, threw all of our boxes into the car, and then made a quick getaway with no time to spare. (You'll notice I did not mention showering the day before the wedding. Yep - I was a stinky sweaty bride to be!)

Next up, we go to the beach and rehearse how it's gonna go down! 

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