Friday, June 28, 2013

Shoe Zombie

I am not a shoe girl. Clothes? You better believe it. Purses? Yes, please. Makeup? Sephora and I are like this.

But shoes? Meh. It's not that I don't like them - I have several pairs of shoes that I adore. (Including a $1500 pair of Sergio Rossi boots that I scored at a Goodwill for $8 thank you very much.) For the most part though, I'd rather spend my money on other parts of my outfit (see above).

So imagine my surprise when it occurred to me that I had spent hours of my life devoted to finding wedding shoes with no luck. You'd think I could just grab a pair of comfy sandals and call it quits, but nope. Apparently my wedding planning alter ego has other plans. While far from a bridezilla, she appears to be taking on some zombie like qualities with glazed over eyes, foaming at the mouth, while searching online and grumbling "Must. Find. Shoez."

Shoe Zombie had several requirements to complete her bridal look:
  1. Slight heel < 3 inches. Since I'm rather tall at 5'9", I'm not entirely comfortable in super high shoes. I'd also rather not tower over Mr. America. 
  2. Preferably a wedge. Getting married on the beach means no stilletos.  
  3. Fits in the wedding color scheme: aqua, pink, or gold. 
  4. Modern looking- Nothing that looks like a prom shoe.
  5. Must allow for my cute  pedicure to be visible.
  6. Must be able to protect my feet from icky sand (due to sandphobia) and/or the ability to quickly get the sand of off my feet post ceremony.
I did manage to find my DREAM shoes via Pinterest, but alas at $545 they are way out of my price range.

Miu Miu Glitter Wedges via Fashion Fuss


These shoes would be great if they weren't so darn tall:

Via New Look

Then of course, there are the shoes that I purchased back when we were still planning to get married at the vineyard. I had dragged Mr. Rucksack to DSW to look for fall boots and ended up being inexplicably drawn to the sparkly shoe section. I put these on just for fun, but then fell in love. I loved the sparkle, the heel height, and the fact that they were super comfy:

Fergalicious Grace via 6pm
Oh, and the fact that they from the Fergalicious line by Fergie pretty much sold me. I'm not a fan of the pop star herself and actually loathe the Black Eyes Peas nearly as much as April from Parks & Rec does.

April Beheads the Black Eyed Peas via Fast Company
However, Fergalicious happens to be one song that is frequently stuck in my head. And I'm not quiet about it. Poor Mr. Rucksack often has to listen to me bust out singing "I blow kisses that puts them boys on rock rock, and they be linin' down the block just to watch what I got." Of course as soon as I saw the name of the shoes, I had to take a dance through the aisles of DSW singing to Mr. Rucksack. He was mortified, but hey - I got to test the shoes out and I now for a fact I can not only jump in them, but I can also power kick and get down low with them!

The problem was, they just weren't ideal for a beach wedding. I had a feeling I'd be tripping and sinking into the sand, and I would definitely get that yucky sand stuff stuck in there. It was back to the drawing board... sorry Fergie!

After a few months of searching high and low for the perfect glitter shoes, I gave up. Clearly my dream shoes did not exist in my budget. So I followed in the footsteps of girls much craftier than I and made my own!

Via Lulu's
I found these shoes on Lulu's for the amazingly low price of $23 and figured that if I messed them up, then at least I wouldn't be out much money. The weekend they arrived I armed myself with a big bottle of gold glitter and mod-podged away! 20 minutes plus a couple of hours of drying time later and I had my dream wedding shoes!

Sparkle Sparkle! They look so cute when they peak out from my dress! 
Were you surprised at how much time you spent on things you assumed you wouldn't care about?

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