Saturday, June 8, 2013

Evolving Tablescapes

Our tablescapes have been a continuously evolving thing. Once we picked the Surf Club as our venue, we quickly settled on our colors: navy, pink and aqua with touches of gold. The color pink evolved from blush to fuschia as I got a feel for our wedding and the overall scheme changed as I found new details to add in.

Originally, with blush still in the mix I wanted something soft and romantic. Early on, I had found our Anthropologie vases and built this tablescape around our then colors:
I loved the way they looked, but still thought they were missing something. I added navy and white striped runners and mocked up the indoor part of our venue with the tables and lanterns set up.

As cute as it looked, something still wasn't quite right. Maybe it was too girly or didn't quite match the fun laid back vibe we were going for. So I went back to the drawing board and switched the colors around slightly. I definitely liked the navy tablecloths more than the pink. So one decision down!

From here, I added a couple of finishing touches. I was finally getting somewhere, headed straight to wedding perfection city. I decided bright flowers were the way to go and added cute little flag table numbers.
The big moment of revelation came when I found these paper napkins at Target. Adding them to the tablescape along with our bamboo plates gave us a whole new look and I loved it. It was bright and fun while still being totally beach chic.

I was even able to find lanterns that coordinate perfectly! Score!

I am so happy with the final outcome and can't wait to see how the final tables match my mock-ups. I definitely recommend mocking up your tables and room if you can because not only did it give me a great sense of how things will come together, but I'll also be able to use these pictures to show my coordinator how I want everything set up. (Type A much?)

Did your wedding scheme evolve over time too?

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