Thursday, June 13, 2013

All I Do is Cry

Guys, I have been super emotional lately. Like verge of my period, commercials make me cry kind of emotional. The closer we get to the wedding, the worse it seems to get. And these tears aren't just stress tears. In fact, most of them are happy tears.
Happy tears while talking to FMIL Rucksack
Mr. Rucksack coaches a youth lacrosse team in our town and they recently had their last game. The boys range in age from 6-9 and they are just the cutest. The tiniest 6 year old on the team scored his first goal in the very last minute of the very last game and guess who cried? Nope, not his parents. This girl. I mean, full fledged tears. I am just ridiculous. But seriously, it was the best moment. All the kids on the team rushed him and hugged him and kept telling him how great he was. They are the best. (And I'm crying again)

Mr. Rucksack and GM Brobot on the field
Anyway, it's become apparent that at least until the wedding is over, this is who I am now. The crazy lady that cries at the drop of a hat. I thought it was just me, but it turns out this emotional stuff is contagious and I think it may have finally gotten passed on to Mr. Rucksack. (Although he still claims it's just been really dusty at home lately...)

 I recently shared that I wrote a lot of our ceremony. Which means, of course, I plagiarized huge portions thanks to the internet (my college professors are shuddering right now) and then added in some twists such as the love story. It turned out beautifully and both Mr. Rucksack and our officiant love it.

The true test came when I made Mr. Rucksack sit down and go through it with me. We took turns reading it and refining our readings and by the time we finished reading the love story we were both crying. Ahem...I mean there was a lot of dust in the air. If our preview tears are any indication of what's to come on our wedding day, we're both screwed!

We also decided on two very special people to do the readings at our wedding:
FFIL Rucksack and his mini-me, Mr. Rucksack
Even though Mr. Rucksack is a self proclaimed Momma's Boy, Mr. Rucksack and his daddy are really close. They talk on the phone often (mostly about the weather and the lawn) and are just plain adorable together. FFIL Rucksack will be reading the second reading in our ceremony which falls right in between the love story and the I Do's. I suspect there won't be a dry eye in the house on the beach.

Irish Blessing of the Hands:
These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow, and forever.
These are the hands that will work alongside yours, as together you build your future.
These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, and with the slightest touch, will comfort you like no other.
These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief fills your mind.
These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes; tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.
These are the hands that will tenderly hold your children.
These are the hands that will help you to hold your family as one.
These are the hands that will give you strength when you need it.
And lastly, these are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged, will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.

Momma Rucksack and her Wayne
Our first reading of the evening occurs just after our officiant's welcome speech. After agreeing on an excerpt from The Princess Bride, Mr. Rucksack and I decided that Wayne would be the perfect person to read it. Wayne and my mom started dating just a few months before Mr. Rucksack and I did so our relationships have really grown together. Although he's only been a part of the family for a couple of years, he is one of my favorite people and I hope to one day officially call him my stepdad. Perhaps another wedding is in the future for the Rucksack family? (Hint Hint Wayne...)

An Excerpt from The Princess Bride
Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin. Her favorite pastimes were riding her horse and tormenting the farm boy that worked there. His name was Westley, but she never called him that: Nothing gave Buttercup as much pleasure as ordering Westley around.
“Farm Boy, polish my horse's saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning.”
“As you wish.”
'As you wish' was all he ever said to her.
“Farm boy, fill these with water...please.”
“As you wish.”
That day she was amazed to discover that when he was saying 'As you wish', what he meant was, 'I love you.' And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.
“Farm boy...fetch me that pitcher.”
“As you wish.”
"Westley had no money for marriage, so he packed a few belongings and left the farm to seek his fortune across the sea. It was a very emotional time for Buttercup.
“I fear I'll never see you again.”
“Of course you will.”
“But what if something happens to you?”
“Hear this now: I will always come for you.”
“But how can you be sure?”
“This is True Love. You think this happens every day?”

With all of this mushy stuff in my brain, it's no wonder I'm been an emotional mess lately!

Who will be reading at your ceremony? Are you gunning for a wedding tear-fest too?

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