Friday, June 21, 2013

We missed our shower!

Yikes, right?

Fortunately we weren’t actually expected to attend our first shower which took place in Minnesota while we were still in Connecticut. FMIL Rucksack had the brilliant idea for a virtual shower in which the Minnesota family would meet at Panera and Facetime with us so that we could join in on the fun. Sadly, Panera’s bandwidth couldn’t handle all that fun so Mr. Rucksack and I spent 10 minutes or so looking like this while we waited:

 After we realized it wasn’t going to work, we called his mom via the much less technological cellphone and were able to speak briefly with everyone. Which mostly just consisted of each person on the other end saying “What?? It’s so loud in here! I can’t hear you, but we love you!”
I was kind of bummed that we couldn’t celebrate with everyone, but it seemed like they had a nice time catching up and eating lemon cookies.

A few days later we received a big box in the mail. It was our shower in a box since the virtual shower had fallen through!
So many fun things!
I’d love to tell you that since we were able to open our shower in the privacy of our own home that we were in pajamas or naked, but no such luck. We were still dressed from Friday at work. Which is probably a good thing for you since we got to take pictures of us with our awesome gifts.
The Beez helps out, even though lacking opposable thumbs.
Seriously, there was so much stuff packed in one box. We were spoiled!

FMIL Rucksack made this for me based on a quilt I pinned over a year ago. Isn’t that amazing? We’re hanging it up over the bed in the guest room. No Beez dog hair allowed on this baby!

She also made us these Connecticut & Minnesota dish towels. She’s one crafty momma. 

Corksicle! We love this thing!
Seriously, we have the best family! So even though we were sad we missed all of the fun, it was pretty fun and low-key to open everything alone too and it was great practice for my Connecticut shower just a few days later.

Did you have a virtual or "in a box" shower? What was your favorite gift? I'm loving all of the handmade heirlooms!

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