Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chow Down! The Rucksack Menu!

A couple of months ago our menu tasting with our caterer was rescheduled due to a conflict. It was a sad day and an anxious 3 weeks as we eagerly waited and crossed our fingers that the food would be as amazing as we hoped. (Spoiler alert - it was)

I found Forks & Fingers through Weddingwire, saw a menu on their website that I liked and then emailed with Stephanie a few times to get the price and feel where we wanted it. When we met with Mark & Stephanie the first time, we talked a little bit more and then sort of left it up to them. They're totally brilliant and came up with a menu that's beyond perfect and definitely matches with our casual beach chic wedding. 

Onto the tasting! It's nearing lunchtime here and looking at these pictures definitely has me salivating over my keyboard here.

First up, we tried one of our signature drinks: a vodka spiked watermelon lemonade. Mr. Rucksack really needed it after a long day at work. I don't usually love watermelon, but this was tasty. 
We arrived a little early with Momma Rucksack, so we waited and drank and chatted until the hor's devores came out. Stephanie even put on some Buble to set the mood.

The first thing we got to try was a watermelon spoon with jalapeno oil and cilantro. They were so refreshing. Again, this made me change my outlook on watermelon. If you peek in the background you'll see our gourmet pizzetas too. New Haven is known for its pizza, so this was really important to me. We tried two kinds: a classic mozz with basil and fire roasted tomatoes followed by a goat cheese and raspberry pizza.
The Rucksacks don't eat usually gluten, but we cheated a bit to taste a bite of each pizza. Obviously we had to try them for the sake of our guests, right? The raspberry pizza may be one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.

Momma Rucksack is halfway through her first Whole30 on her way to joining the Paleo cult, but she was kind enough to join in the tasting too. Thanks for taking one for the team, Momma Rucksack! ;-)

When I asked for steamers, I had no idea what Mark and Stephanie had in store. When each serving of clams came out in their own individual pots, I just about peed myself from excitement. There are also some chicken fajitas on that little plate. They were good too, but OMG individual steamer pots!

 Trying the fajitas. We're not in pain, I promise.

Next up we tried the salad! Mr. Rucksack thought there was too much stuff on it, but he is crazy. I got to have a bite of goat cheese, strawberry, golden beet, pomegranate and balsamic with every piece of lettuce. That's my kind of salad!

We tried hard to pace ourselves so that we'd have room for the entrees, but we were still shocked to see the big feast we had ahead of us. Below is our buffet in action (minus the veggie kebobs which I didn't get a photo of.). You guys, we each got one of these plates so I didn't have to share with anyone! From left to right: asparagus risotto, grilled lobster tail, summer corn succotash, grilled steak kebobs, and some sort of amazing chicken with asparagus, kalamata olives and feta. It was incredible times a million.

This was the best "wedding food" I've ever had which is pretty perfect since our one big requirement was "no typical wedding food." Honestly, I would have been thrilled to order any one of those items at a restaurant. (I asked if I could come back every night for dinner, but apparently they have other events....boooo)

My mom agreed that it was incredible, but said she's planning on playing down the awesomeness when telling everyone else about the food. "That way, their minds will be blown!" She said. She's weird.

Did you choose a caterer that would give you non-traditional wedding food? How did your tasting go?

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