Monday, March 11, 2013

A Bad Case of Bride Brain

Every now and then I find myself suffering from symptoms of the dreaded bride brain. Like most things in my life, I blame Pinterest. With all of those amazing options out there, it's hard not to suffer from bridal overload.

For instance, I recently saw these adorable ceramic strawberry baskets at Anthropologie and my mind immediately went to: "Must have cute Anthro inspired farm wedding! Somebody find me a farm!"
Via Anthropologie
With all of the moving pieces of wedding planning, it's hard to keep focused and not get off track once in awhile. My brain right now looks a little like this:

Don't worry, boss, there's still a little bit of brain matter left for the workday. But let me tell you, as soon as I get home and I have any semblance of downtime, I go immediately into bridal brain overload. This usually occurs during those 10pm-6am hours that I typically like to reserve for things like, I don't know....sleep. Thanks a lot, overactive brain.

Several nights in a row I actually woke up drenched in sweat with my brain screaming "Who's going to hang all the lanterns???"

Image via The Knot  / Photo by Shelly Mossman Photography
It was then and there that I decided I needed a Day of Coordinator. And it was the next day that I learned, DOC's can be expensive! I called a few wedding planners and was quoted an insane amount of $1500 for one day. Not including lantern setup because "We'll have to hire an insured decorating company for that." Um, what? Then what am I hiring you for?

Luckily, I also contacted Carisa from CR Socials. During our free consultation - where she bought a stressed out me a glass of wine - she immediately put me at ease. Carisa laughed at me when I blurted out "I was up all night thinking about the lanterns! Who's going to put up the lanterns!" She assured me she was fully capable of putting up lanterns.....and running our rehearsal, coordinating my vendors, collecting all of my DIY and purchased wedding decor, decorating, running our wedding, and cleaning up after.

"Oh yeah?" I chided, "And how much is that going to cost me?" I had heard all this before only to be burned by the cost. You can imagine the happy dance I did when I found out she fits right in our budget!

What sorts of things gave you bride brain?

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