Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sugar, Oh Honey Honey, We're going on a Honeymoon!

What does it say about us that we booked our honeymoon before we even booked our caterer?

I'll tell you: It means we were sick of looking at this:

If you're from or you have friends in the Northeast, then you probably got really sick of seeing all of those "OMG it's snowing again!" Facebook posts. Trust me, so were we.

Which is why we spent a lot of our time looking at beautiful far away lands where the people were warm and tan and happy.

Mr. Rucksack and I knew that we wanted to go overseas where we could have a mix of sightseeing and nothing-doing. Originally, we considered France, but the more we thought about it the more I knew I would not be able to relax in France. I would want to see everything! In just a couple of days of planning our ultimate French honeymoon I had a jam packed itinerary that left little room for relaxation. Mr. Rucksack suggested Croatia and the more we read the more we loved it.

The Knot even named Croatia as one of the top budget honeymoon destinations.
Image via The Knot
We fell in love with the mixture of old world charm and coastal vacation paradise. But I also read that traveling can be tricky in the area without a rental car, and I did not want to have to worry about navigating a foreign country.

We started looking at cruises, but realized that typical cruising just didn't feel like us. The last thing I wanted was to be on a giant boat with thousands of people on our honeymoon. While I know lots of people that love cruising, I wanted something more intimate.

On a whim I visited JetSetter - Gilt Groupe's travel site. I love all of those amazing sample sale sites, and Gilt is my favorite. I'd heard good things about JetSetter and Mr. America's coworker even booked her honeymoon through their personal travel services. To my surprise, right there on the front page was a flash sale for a small 49 person sailboat cruise through Greece, Croatia, Albania & Montenegro!

We did a little research and checked with my travel expert uncle, then quickly booked after drinking a bottle of wine on Valentine's day. I cannot wait to spend a week exploring on this baby:

Mountains, ocean and castles all in one place? Paradise, I tell you! 
Above photos via JetSetter
My amazing aunt & uncle are even gifting us our flight so that our whole vacation is now paid for! Since my uncle used his super duper traveler miles, flight times out of the tiny island of Corfu were a little limited which means we'll have to spend a few extra days in Corfu, Greece when we return from our cruise. Sucks to be us, right?

Photos via Marabella Beach Hotel
So now I'm sitting in my little office with my heater blasting on high just pretending this is my real view!

Did you start planning your honeymoon to combat the winter blues?

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