Thursday, May 9, 2013

Under where? (Slightly risque/NSFW)

Before you read any further, here's my little disclaimer that some of the following images may not be safe for work. So unless you feel comfortable looking at sexy ladies in lingerie at the office, you may want to save this read for another time.

After I got the news that my dress was finally in, I set up my fittings with The White Dress by the Shore. They asked that I have shoes (or at least the correct height shoes) and my bridal underthings by the time my first fitting rolled around. For day of undies, they suggested their sister store, Beneath the Gown, which had luckily for me just moved out from The White Dress's attic and into a cute little shop right in my town.

I had no idea what to expect when I called Beneath the Gown for an appointment, but I couldn't have had a better experience. If you've never had a professional bra fitting, I completely suggest it. I'd heard all sorts of stories about girls finding out they'd been wearing the wrong bra size for years so I was actually surprised that I was in the right size all along. What I did learn was that there is a big difference between a $20 Target bra and a high quality bra. I usually rely on straps to hold the ladies up, but it's actually all in the band. It should be grippy and tight so that the straps barely have to do any work at all.

While all of the bras I tried on were really pretty, one stood out in its ability to hold my boobies up high:

Via Natural Figures
I sadly paid way more than what's listed on the site that link takes you to, but since I could only find the bra on UK sites I'll chalk it up to availability and currency inflation. And since each bra I tried on was so different, I definitely needed the appointment in order to make a decision. Also, I don't know what they did in terms of lighting/paint/mirror effects, but I do not look that good naked at home. I seriously threatened to take that magic mirror home with me.

For undies, I chose a simple Hanky Panky thong decorated with a blue rhinestone "Mrs."

Via Beneath the Gown
The owner, Josie, even added a little blue ribbon to the bra so that it matches the undies and counts as my "something blue."

I had my dress fitting the very next day and the undies worked perfectly. It was great being back in my dress again and seeing what the whole shebang is going to look like. I also was really surprised at how much thinner I am now compared to when I bought the dress. I haven't lost any poundage according to the scale, but my dress literally dropped to the floor when we zipped it up! I'm really hippy on the bottom and while I've noticed a tiny change in the way my pants fit, I hadn't previously noticed the change in my arms/back/waist. I guess it's kind of hard to tell when I usually wear t-shirts and button downs!

But yeah, that was a really pleasant surprise. I'm still not sure how Crossfit is going to continue changing my body - inches lost through dropping fat? Inches gained from adding muscle? Where the wheel stops, nobody knows! A coworker suggested I just not working out until the wedding, and while I was slightly tempted by the idea of lounging around for the month the other half of me was like "And give up the abs I actually have for the first time ever? No freaking way!"

How did your fittings go? Did anyone else have a magical moment when trying on fancy underthings for the first time?

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