Monday, May 20, 2013

Bling Bling Goes the Ring

For my birthday in May I asked Mr. Rucksack for just one thing: to go visit our jeweler in Brooklyn and pick out my wedding band. So the Saturday evening after my birthday we made the long and trafficky drive out to Brooklyn to visit Caroline at Liloveve. Since she had done such an amazing job on my engagement ring, we just knew she'd have to craft my wedding band to go with it.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted when I walked in, but much like what happened with my dress, I ended up falling in love with something completely different. This cutie below is what I thought I'd love but I don't think it stood out enough against my unique engagement ring.

Then I spotted a ring to try on "just for fun." It was super sparkly and blingy, not at all my "type." It turns out am a terrible judge of my own taste. As soon as I put the ring on I gasped and then lit up like a Christmas tree. There was just so much sparkle!

Caroline said it was important to love the ring both with and without my engagement ring so I tried it on multiple ways and loved it each time. Unfortunately we found out that it's more than double what we had budgeted for. So I tried on other rings and we thought about ways to bring the price down, but I knew in my heart that this was my ring. Mr. Rucksack looked nauseous at the thought of spending so much money and so after trying to convince him that we could come up with the extra money and trying to convince myself that I didn't need a blingy dream ring, we left empty handed and in silence. It was kinda crummy, guys.

Mr. Rucksack said he needed a drink before he could talk, so we walked 12 blocks in silence until we got to this yummy Brazilian restaurant with super strong fancy drinks. We drank, we ate and we talked and luckily at the end Mr. Rucksack agreed that I should have my dream ring. I explained that we'd be fine with money as long as we're careful for the next few months. I told him all about the wedding budget spreadsheet and promised to show it to him later. We talked about the money we'd save by not using an expensive officiant. I felt (feel) slightly guilty, but I also really believe that if I'm going to have to wear something everyday for the rest of my life I better well be in love with it. So we're going to make it work.

Did you fall in love with a ring out of your budget? Am I selfish for insisting on having it?

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