Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reimagining Wedding Cliches

You know those people that hate wedding cliches like the bouquet toss and the wedding slideshow? They're the ones who also balk at the YMCA and the garter toss and think that cake smashing is tacky.

Well, I have a confession: I always thought I was one of those people.

If you had asked me my opinion on any one of those things a year ago, I would have laughed in your face and said something about "being non-traditional" and throwing a wedding that was "distinctly us." But as it turns out, I've learned that some of those traditional cliches are actually pretty fun and just because we include a few in our wedding, it doesn't mean our wedding is any less us or any less special.

So yes we'll be doing the garter toss, but we'll also make it a little different by adding in Mr. Rucksack's love of football (The Pats to be specific):

Image via A Day to Remember / Photo by Gino Creglia 
There's a chance that the YMCA may sneak onto our playlist or that I may smash a bit of cake on Mr. Rucksack's face. (Although there will be talk of murder if he so much as thinks about messing up my makeup!)

 Image via Snippet and Ink / Photo by Chudleigh Weddings
And yes, we will have a wedding slideshow, but rather than showing it at the wedding reception, we'll play it at our rehearsal dinner. Those are really the people that want to see stinking cute pictures of us anyway.

Like these:
I started off pretty dang cute....
and had a couple of good years before the awkward phase came along....
Then this happened. I think this sums up my personality perfectly.

Also this....fanny pack, boa, tiara, and bifocal glasses....classic Miss Rucksack.
At first I was a little hesitant to include so many ridiculously unflattering photos of myself in our slideshow, but now I'm just rolling with it. The more ridiculous the better. Plus, Mr. Rucksack has some pretty great photos of him as a nerdy kid that I'll have to share later. We were two nerds destined for love.

So are you including any wedding cliches in your wedding? If so, are you going traditional or adding a twist to them?

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