Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Carry Your Heart: A Private Dance with my Husband

After a very exciting day filled with love, joy and special moments, the time finally came for our little wedding to come to an end.

I'll admit that our private last dance was blatantly stolen from Mrs. Coach.  I filed that idea straight into my must have wedding moments as soon as I read her recap. And hive, let me tell you: I am so glad I did. Those last five minutes with my husband count as some of my best memories of the entire night.

After all of our guests were corralled to the front of the venue for our sparkler send-off, our DJ played one of our favorite songs. 

"The More I See You", sung by Micheal Buble, was one of the first songs Mr. Rucksack and I danced to. Before we had said "I love you," before we had even hit the one month mark, Mr. Rucksack and I got into a big argument. (Something about him panicking because he realized he had feelings for me. Feelings are scary.) When we made up the next evening, Mr. Rucksack officially won me over by spinning me around his living room to this song. It seemed fitting for us to end our wedding evening with something so meaningful.

I vividly remember dancing and thinking "Wow we are such great dancers when nobody's watching us." Mr. Rucksack was dipping and twirling me and we were at what I thought was our A game. I was convinced that the photos would depict us as dancing superstars. Instead, we look like sweaty tired amateurs. So I'll chalk up my high confidence levels to the champagne. I still absolutely adore these pictures and the memories they bring back.

It feels great to be Mr. Rucksack's wife.

(All photos by Abigail Scott unless otherwise noted)

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