Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Year Down!

I really can’t believe an entire year has gone by since Mr. Rucksack and I tied the knot. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating our wedding with the best little dance party by the beach ever.

We celebrated our anniversary by going back to the place where our marriage began: The Madison Surf Club. We reminisced about the past year while drinking champagne on the beach before heading out to a fabulous dinner.

For gifts, we decided to stick to the traditional anniversary gift of paper. I knew that I wanted to make my gift to Mr. R and he decided to do the same. I'm so excited to have these hang in our home!

I created our silhouettes and inserted the lyrics to the song that we constantly sing to each other: "Home." Mr. R wrote out e.e. cummings' poem "i carry your hear" not only because I love e.e. cummings, but because that's what I used for our Rucksack recap titles! I love that it ties in with the bee! 

So what’s been going on with the Rucksacks over the last year? Well, Mr. R started a new job in March that allows him to work from home and hang out with The Beez all day long. I’m pretty jealous that they get to have lunchtime dates together, but it is nice to be greeted with kisses and wine when I get home now!

We’re still renovating and decorating that fixer-upper house of ours, but it’s finally starting to come together and be something we’re proud of! 

We traveled to Florida for my 30th(!!) birthday and to attend my cousin’s wedding. Weddings are a lot more fun now that we can sit back and relax instead of taking mental notes of ideas to steal.

Mr. Rucksack continues to coach youth Lacrosse and has added summer and fall travel teams to his yearly coaching efforts. Luckily he has an amazing wife/team manager to deal with uniform orders and player boo-boos.  

I finally quit my waitressing job and now spend my free time eating bonbons on the couch while watching Netflix. (Just kidding, bonbons aren’t Paleo.) In actuality, I got pretty sick and needed to take some time to just sleep and watch movies for awhile. Now that I finally have some energy back, I’ve been throwing it into DIY projects and house decorating which I’ve been sharing on my new blog Damsel in this Nest.

I can’t honestly say that I miss the hive, but that’s only because I don’t feel like I ever really left! I still read the posts every day and keep in touch with the bees as much as possible. I’m so grateful for the sisterhood of the bees that I joined when I was accepted to Weddingbee and I’ll consider myself a honeybee for life. If you’re on the fence about applying, know that it’s so much more than a place to show off your wedding. The support and love that I received has far outweighed the hard work and any negative snark that came from being a blogger.

If you’d like to follow my new blog and see what’s going on in my life these days, I now reside at Damsel in this Nest. I’d love to see you around there and I promise to keep on reading here. You’re all a part of my life forever!

Peace out for now,
The Rucksacks

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