Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vendor Reviews: The Rest of the Wedding

After reviewing the best of the wedding vendors, it's time to review the rest! These vendors were mostly great, but those A+ vendors really ruined the bell curve for everyone and I had to split the post somehow.

Caterer: Forks &Fingers
I think it’s important to note that our guests would most likely give Forks & Fingers an A based on presentation and taste, while I would prefer to give them a B based on issues the guests never knew about. People raved about how amazing everything the food was, and we agreed. Presentation was fine, the bar was great and everyone loved the two crazy bartenders. All in all it was a great show. However, there were some things that went wrong that I’m still a little upset about such as them bringing the wrong champagne glasses and messing up our escort cards, missing appetizers that should have been included, different presentation style than what we had discussed, and bar offerings that weren't at all what we had agreed on. Again, since these are things that only my family and I noticed, it wasn’t the end of the world, but it was still pretty annoying. I would recommend them, but with the caveat that you need to get every detail in writing and double check everything.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J. Crew Factory

My girls looked absolutely incredible in their dresses. While we didn’t get the whole shopping experience (I like to think I spared them) they spent less than $50 per dress and will hopefully even get to wear them again. The J Crew Factory website is always easy to shop through and I would definitely recommend looking there for casual bridesmaid’s dresses. The only thing to keep in mind is that they sell out fast so if you see something, you need to buy it right away.  The three styles of dresses I chose were sold out in about 3 weeks, so this method of shopping is not for the faint of heart!

Cake Buffet Cakes: Whole Foods, Milford
I didn’t try any of the cakes from Whole Foods because of the gluten issue, so I’m just going off of Momma Rucksack’s opinion here. She said the strawberry shortcake was good, but wasn’t a fan of the chocolate cake. For what it’s worth, I’ve always liked Whole Foods cakes because they’re not super sweet and artificial and my mom tends to like things that are…well, more sugary. So unfortunately I can’t tell you if this was just a taste issue or what. What I can tell you is that our chocolate cakes were decorated exactly as we asked and the strawberry cakes weren’t at all what we wanted. I was fine with them anyway, so we’ll call them good. Plus for $26 per cake I can’t really complain.

Justice of the Peace: Mitchell Cohan

We had a lot of trouble finding an officiant for our wedding, partly because of availability and partly because of our lack of funds. (That shiz can be expensive!) We found Mitchell through the town of Madison’s website, met with him, and hired him. He’s a super nice guy and we’re really happy we found him, although the ceremony did get flubbed in a couple of spots. Mr. Rucksack says he flubbed in the perfect spots though and that it turned out beautifully.

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