Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Official! I'm a Mrs!

Note: Weddingbee posting can be a bit confusing at times. Since I was picked on the late side of my planning process, I had a lot of planning posts pre-written for the Bee. I wanted to share all of them with you so the Weddingbee team posted a couple a day to catch me up, but I still had a few left when Mr. Rucksack and I officially tied the knot. When this post goes live it will probably be about a week past my official wedding date of August 3rd even though I wrote it the day after our wedding. (Think of it like a talk show, where the shows are taped the day before they air.) I know that future me is just as excited as present me that this is being posted right now!

I’ve been sitting and staring at my computer for over an hour now (while simultaneously using Facebook to procrastinate of course) trying to think of a way to start my first post as a married lady. I still haven’t fully processed what has happened over the course of this amazing weekend and I can’t seem to find the right words to describe all of the emotions I’ve felt in a measly two day period. What I can tell you is that our wedding was by far the best wedding I have ever been to. And I even got a husband out of this one! 
Guest Photo by my amazingly talented "Aunt" Heather / Heather Liberman Photography
Our wedding day was not perfect, but it was perfect in the ways that mattered. Not all of my DIY projects were set out, my tables did not look exactly like my vision, and there was some chaos with the set-up. None of our guests had a clue. What they’ll remember is the absolutely perfect weather, the delicious food and that awesome DJ that kept the party going until our very last dance. Mr. Rucksack and I also didn’t dwell on the negatives, choosing to use my official wedding motto: “Eff it!” and focusing on everything that was right. And there was a lot to be happy about!
I truly couldn’t have asked for a better day. I have never felt more beautiful or more loved than I did for those 6 hours of our wedding. (And for the whole weekend, really!) I am so excited to share our wedding with you as soon as we get our pro pics back, but am now looking forward to some downtime with my new husband. (Honeymoon here we come!) 
Instagram photo by MOH Tessa
Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement and wedding advice. I think you’ll definitely see some of your suggestions shine through in our wedding! 

Personal Instagram Photo (This surprise heart from Momma and Auntie Rucksack was a huge hit!)
Now I’m off to practice signing my new name! (It's harder than I thought it would be!)

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