Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who gets the final say, anyway?

I guess I'm pretty lucky in having a super opinionated and involved groom. I love talking out decisions and it's great to have someone balance some of my ideas and give input of his own. While there are obviously matters he totally doesn't care about (Mr. Rucksack's verbal opinion on Out of Town Bags: "Do whatever you think is best, honey. By the way, that means I don't care.") there are certain wedding items that he has major thoughts on. Not surprisingly, these issues mostly revolve around food, booze, and music.

Remember what my bride brain looked like? Well, Mr. Rucksack's wedding brain is a little more like this:

Recently, I've been hard at work mocking up some invitation designs. Using some Pinterest inspiration, I designed a couple of different options and quickly arrived at a favorite. I uploaded them to Google Docs to share with Mr. America and eagerly awaited his response. Then after he didn't respond for an hour, I repeatedly called and Avocado'd him until he did. Patience is not my strong suit, guys.
My favorite was the lower left, Mr. Rucksack chose the lower right.
I have to tell you, I was super disappointed that we didn't agree and he actually chose my least favorite as his top contender. I know what you're thinking: Miss Rucksack, why on earth would you put up designs you didn't even like? Because I'm a dummy, that's why. And also, because even though they're not my favorites doesn't mean I'm not super proud of the outcome. Obviously I wanted praise! Followed by him picking the exact same design that I like....duh.

After spending hours of my life designing invitations, we arrived at a crossroads. I obviously didn't want to choose something he hated, but it would have been really nice to pull the "But I'm the Bride!" card out for this one. I mean, I have a vision, people!

In the end, we threw everything out and started from scratch. Luckily, the second time around we finally agreed.

Did you run into any differences in opinion with your fiance? How did you resolve it?

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